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We'll keep posting right here all the artists and participants confirmed for the festival. The full line up with all the activities, etc, we'll be announced  soon.

Much more to be confirmed!!

Atulananda Acarya, was born on March 20, 1952, in Santiago de Chile called also Gurudeva by his disciples, who has been traveling through several countries, imparting the Vedic knowledge, the oldest that exists in the world. Spiritual teacher and renowned Chilean author, who has directed his work towards the search for the Absolute Truth and the deep understanding of being.

He studied philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires and in his frequent trips to India he has deepened in the Vedic knowledge, the Sanskrit language, Hindi, Bengali and different ancient scriptures of the East. He currently serves as a guide and spiritual teacher to hundreds of people in different parts of the world. He has mastered six languages ​​and has traveled the world giving thousands of lectures, which he continues to offer daily in the cities he visits.

Read his autobiography


Bunny Wabbit is an Experimental Groove - DJ Project from Esteban Bonilla, who started mixing music almost 5 years ago. He began his path as the opening/closing dj set act for the Electronic World Music band: Santos&Zurdo. Since then, he has been touring around Costa Rica, and has played 4 times at Envision Festival in his country. He has also performed at Bamboo Bass Festival and the Electric Animals Urban Fest in CR, as well as in the Village Witches stage at the Global Eclipse Gathering at Oregon, United States, in 2017. He defines himself as an Experimental Groove dj, with some Funk, Tribal, Glitch, Electro, Trance, House, and a big variety of electronic genres.


From Ticuantepe, Nicaragua.
He started the practice of Capoeira Biriba in 2010. In 2013 he decided to start a new stage in his life of capoeirista beginning to teach classes to boys and girls in rural communities, and
settling in the north of Nicaragua for 3 years.
In 2016, he started a new project with young people from the Santa Julia community in the Municipality
of El Crucero, a project that is still being followed up. This year he travels to Costa Rica, his first international meeting of Capoeira; He also visits many academies, which has served to strengthen his will and desire to continue learning to share more each day. At this moment, he knows the Cordão de Ouro academy based in Costa Rica, to which he joined in the year 2017.
He is the founder of the Cordão de Ouro Nicaragua headquarters; continue using capoeira as a tool of social integration, and their work has paid off, in such a way that boys and girls who started receiving classes with him are already trying to follow in his footsteps and making the
Capoeira grows in Nicaragua.

 Gabriel de Jesús Quintero

Nikola Tesla said: "If you want to understand the Universe, think about energy, frequency and vibration"
Anais Saballos, trained as a holistic psychologist at the UCA, Managua, Nicaragua. She is a Sound Therapist and Guide of Lunar Circles of the Study Center of the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine "Mujer Lunar", Mexico. She is the only Nicaraguan certified by the "Peter Hess Sound Method", at the Peter Hess Academy in the United States. In the development of his professional practice, she has incorporated sound into psycho therapeutic processes, offering individual attention, as well as sound massage, sound baths for couples, groups and meditation or guided visualization. She also accompanies in concert the sounds of Tibetan bowls and other ancestral instruments, Yoga sessions and Ceremonies with the Thirteen Lunar archetypes of the Lakota Native American tradition, which is a beautiful journey of healing and integration of all gifts and principles. of the sacred feminine and the divine masculine, principle that inhabits the memory of each lunar clan: one clan for each moon ciLa Mujer Sonora - Vibraciones Ancestralescle of 29 days.



Performer that specializes in dancing and exploring/investigating movement, flow arts (fire element expertise) and visual arts (painting and muralist).

In the last 2 years i have been traveling around Central America training in circus and in development of conscious Community with Momentom Collective. Assisting in teaching and training in different types of disciplines like aerials, clowning, acro-yoga, handstand, community leadership, vegetarian/vegan kitchen administration, along with alternative traditional healing processes like Reiki and massage therapy.

Also, I got experience with dance, a mix of contemporaneous techniques, flying low, release and contact dance.

Youtube; @kawahegui

Facebook; @kawahegui

Guillermo Cardoza "KAWAHE"

Rubén is a nomadic 200hr RYT whose journey began in 2014 while studying in Peru. In 2015, he embarked on a self-supported cross-country bicycle tour through the United States. Two years later, Rubén completed his Hatha and Vinyasa certifications through School Yoga Institute. Learning from the Sivananda, Rubén draws his power and inspiration from the Earth’s elements. In classes, he incorporates shamanic practices, the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, and his personal experiences through years of learning yoga and breathwork. After completing YTT, he continued on his nomadic path, traveling through the Americas. At Freedive Utila in Honduras, he applied his knowledge of Pranayama within the world of one-breath-diving; three months after learning how to swim! At Arco Isis Sanctuary in Guatemala, he spread his wings and began learning to use aerial silks. Rubén seeks to use movement, body intuition, and proprioception as a vehicle to achieve his dreams and goals, both personal and professional. Through these experiences, he learned to self-motivate, face challenges, and conquer his fears. His life mission is simple: to better himself first and to inspire others to live their potential along the way. Join Rubén for a uniquely inspirational mystic flow and spiritual awakening!

Explore his journey via Instagram: @ruben_tree


A young Nicaraguan woman who has initiated her self-search through the practice and study of Yoga, trained as a yoga teacher by AYA through the Institute of Yoga Studies. He discovered the Acroyoga and all its kindnesses adopting it as one of his great passions, for which he dedicates himself to sharing it inside and outside his country, recently represented the acroyoga of Nicaragua in the Yoga Summit 2019 international festival held in the country of Honduras.


Tracy is a prolific artist who has found healing in each of her works and workshops. From living art, using plants, to canvas abstracts or expressive meditation through the creation of Mandalas, he does not know the limits of art.

Passionate about creating and transforming, seeing the possibilities of each element used, exploring different methods that help to empower the Self, inner healing and connection through the expression of shapes, textures and colors.

Administrator of profession, has found in the artistic expression a means of integration and inner healing.

One of the elements that allow the transformative creation is the construction of mandalas.

Mandalas represent a map of the cosmos, gives us freedom in creation and this reveals data about the inner organization of the person who does it, it is an instantaneous response, whose purpose is to intuitively understand the infinite possibilities of the human subconscious, the The main rule is to let your imagination flow and follow your intuition.

Some of the benefits of its creation: it is an element that supports meditation, strengthens concentration, fosters patience, trains memory, awakens the senses, even when doing so we can undo internal blocks and tensions, reduce stress, produce a sensation of general well-being, develops creativity, helps disconnection.


from Green, Ohio USA, has a bachelors degree in Conservation Biology with a Minor in Geography from Kent State University. She’s a standing board member for an ocean conservation based non-profit, Oceans Ohio (, that focuses on the inland impact of plastic pollution by spreading awareness to the local communities with education outreach and area cleanups. 

She began her yoga career in the summer of 2017 with her 200hr Teacher Training in Baron Baptiste vinyasa style yoga along with aerial yoga training. She became certified in aerial in June and yoga in August 2017 and has been flying and flowing ever since. 

She’s a beekeeper in her spare time with 6 hives in her back yard on .7 acres of land. She’s passionate about saving and conserving our planet by sharing the importance of recycling, water conservation and the impact of pollution. She’s traveled worldwide in her conservation efforts from protecting Costa Rican sea turtles to helping maintain a South African cheetah ranch and studying great white sharks in Mosselbaai. She continues to be a voice for those who don’t have one. 

An avid essential oil user, she likes to find an alternative to most beauty products and over the counter medicines. She makes her own beauty products and cans and preserves her home grown food!! She hasn’t taken any allergy medicines since becoming a beekeeper in 2014. Her backyard honey and pollen have been all she taken for 5 years to stay healthy and allergy free. 

She’s a pet mom to a 135 pound, 2.5 year old Great Dane, who weighs more than she does, two kitty cats, and approximately 500,000 honey bees. 

She works full time as a prep cook at Mission BBQ, which serves military, police, fire and first responders, and is a wizz around a kitchen.


Professional Dancer and Yoga Teacher

From a closed door childhood body exploration with music, to a Saturday hobby, to a professional

career in my teen years. Today, dance is part of the service I'm willing to give through out my

lifetime. I'm currently engaged in holistic approaches of dance as instrument of self

awareness, community integration, therapy and education.

In 2014 I graduated as Professional Dancer and it was followed of two years of on and off dance trainings and performances, the

joining of different dance company ́s until choosing to become independent dancer. 

In 2016 had the chance to receive a Semester in Modern Dance at Washington D.C were dance

expanded into new teaching methodologies, body awareness, styles etc that i never met before.

After a period of totally disconnecting of the dance world, in 2016, I joined the first Contact Improvisation initiative in

Nicaragua where dance passed the limits of purely physical techniques and abilities but into a complete new world of

human encounter, healing and therapeutic possibilities. In matter of weeks I passed from merely receiving the

workshops into guiding my self and joining the Coordination.

In 2017, after beginning the journey of learning Yoga, dance became a new form of meditation and awareness. 

I began having long walks in park and nature surrounded spaces and improvised with purpose of enjoying the


The expression of the souls will through human experience on earth, the way that we acquired, 

collect and pass the knowledge heritage since the beginnings of time. 

I came to this awareness after learning from and Co-facilitating African dance and percussion Sessions 

with the Mozambique artist Helio Vanimal.

Passionate about ancestral knowledge heritage rescue and environment conservation initiatives I look forward 

to bring both intention together through dance.

Finally, I have also served as part time educator, to kids of different social,

economic and cultural background in subjects like ecology, mindfulness,

creativity, emotional intelligence and academic support.


Maria Mercedes is an acting and singer coach, Co-owner and artistic director of Showtime Performing Arts Academy in Managua. She was the lead character on a Nicaraguan-American production film “Poneloya”, and Hosted CCNN Radio show. She played the main role on a CCNN’s theater tour production “Bus stop” and movie directed by Chris Dray. She has participated in several shorts and long films, plays, musicals like “Peter Pan” and “The Beauty and the beast” as well as commercials like Movistar and Maria Elena Cuadra as well as make the voice over for a CLARO commercial.

Maria Mercedes has been involved on and backstage, directing and producing plays for her academy, high schools and NGO’s and work as an assistant producer for a Nicaragua TV show “CONTAINERS” broadcasted on channel 10.

Maria Mercedes studied acting at The Barrow group in New York City. She was trained in musical theater by The American Musical and Dramatic Academy graduate Jennifer Gallegos Rodriguez and with the Nicaraguan soprano Lizbeth Berrios.

You can visit:


Nicaraguan-CostaRican Cultural anthropologist with studies on Psycho anthropology and Shamanism as alternative methods of healing. Actor and Theater Director with specialty in the Art of the Mask and Muppets for television. Master's Degree in Low Cost Fiction and Documentary Film. He has taught workshops in Europe, Mexico and Central America on theater and educational pathology, has worked for 25 years with high-risk population such as children and young people on the street, with young gang members and incarcerated, with children and young orphans, with organization of women, with professional and amateur theater groups both in urban and rural areas with governmental and non-governmental institutions in Central America. Currently working on a Sexual Education Project "TOMA NOTA" for young people in schools nationwide, in the Nicaraguan Telenovela Loma Verde and in the creation of the Anthropological Center of the Mask.
"The mask is the face of those who have no face,
it is the voice of those who have no voice and when it hides,
reveals. "
Marvin Corrales (Balam)



I was born in Managua, Nicaragua I studied initially  business administration which I did not conclude by circumstances of life. Then, I come to know the world of alternative medicine for which I feel a great passion and where I learn every day. I have 17 years of experience working as a therapist where I specialized in full body massage or deep massage and shiatsu where I am still learning and training to provide the best of myself. I love this world of holistic therapy. Since each one of us is a universe to be known.


Professor of children's art, dancer, African dance teacher, specialist in improvisational music, animated and participative. Art  therapist and member of the Association of Traditional Medics of Mozambique. In the world of art and music, he's known as singer, percussionist and music composer. Born in Mozambique and trained with an initial diploma in Art Therapy in Barcelona. Member of the Association of Traditional Medicine of Mozambique. With the natural gift visits to Morocco, Uganda, Swaziland, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Nicaragua and the United States. He is currently a resident of Barcelona and performs drums circles for alternative therapies in schools and special groups. As a musician he is collaborating with different groups as well as with individual artists.


Duet formed at the beginning of 2016. Bryan Martinez A.K.A. ROOTZ and Grabriel "El Flow" Lainez, come together to develop sounds and styles that range from Reggae, Dub, Chambeta, Tucuteo, Cumbia, to incorporate native rhythms such as Punta y Parranda that lead us to dance wildly with an exquisite range of sounds psychotropic
"Program designed to relax and forget stress, which has allowed us to participate in different places and festivals of the national music scene, with a notable acceptance of the public"
A live session that integrates MIDI controllers and sequences that combined with organic rhythms of percussion and winds, create an ideal environment for fresh lyrics with good vibes and energy that makes you fly. "Tosteired" is their first Ep.

concerts and festivals: FESTIVAL TATUMBLA, Collaboration with "Los Bohemios" concert



Yoga has been part of my life for more than 10 years and my practice has
helped to be stronger, more flexible and brave, both inside and outside the mat.
Yoga inspires me to live each moment with more attention.
If I could describe in a single word that Yoga is for me, I would say balance.
I completed my 200-hour Hatha Yoga training with Master Jaime
Sanchez founder of West-East Yoga School and my advanced training of 500
hours with Master Víctor M. Flores, founder of the Institute of Yoga Studies.
Recently I made a dive of Acroyoga in Medellin Colombia for 8 days
with teachers Justin Caruso and Alexandra Ruiz.
I will always be a student of the practice and I am deeply grateful for the
wisdom that my teachers have shared with me.
In my classes, I love combining creative sequences, a spirit of fun and
a dose of inspiration to help them deepen their practice and get them out
of the mat feeling refreshed and balanced


Raneem is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS).

She has been practicing and studying yoga to gain the knowledge to live a tranquil and meaningful life; choosing to walk down this path changed her life completely; Started practicing yoga couple of times a week, and quickly falling in love with yoga and meditation, followed by the thought of becoming a yoga instructor! 

Raneem decided to follow her dreams after 10 years of B2B sales and marketing working in the corporate world with fortune 500 companies. She decided to switch gears moving from Linkedin to focus on holistic wellness, self care, creativity & mindfulness. 

She is training on building thoughtful yoga sequences of physical poses linked together with breath, followed by a guided meditation that will leave you feeling calm yet energized and essentially bringing balance and peace back to your body. 

She is deeply drawn to pass this life-changing wisdom on, by designing wellness yoga retreats in exotic locations so we may inspire one another and grow!

Her retreats will take place in tropical destination and are mainly suitable for creative positive entrepreneurs, beach and nature lovers, yogis, and holistic wellness professionals who need to relax, connect with nature, and open their creative hearts.  

She is on her journey planning personalized yoga retreats for essential good health and wellbeing. 

Check our upcoming retreats


Psychologist, independent consultant, Biodanza teacher and biocentric educator, with experience in facilitating psycho-social training processes, experiential methodologies, body work, and emphasis on alternative therapies.
She is currently a guide and schedule teacher at the UCA Central American University in the subjects of Alternative Approaches in Psychology, Psychology of Sexuality, Personal Growth Workshop, Workshop on Education for Sexuality and Gender.
Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Biocentric and Biodanza Foundation of Nicaragua; Facilitated Two weekly spaces of Biodanza in Managua and road to Masaya. In addition to accompanying processes from Biodanza with young people, women with cancer and the elderly.



Aldo is a peacemaker, happy, enthusiastic and passionate to create awareness and connection between beings through the integration of various tools such as meditation, ceremonies with sound and ancestral rituals. By sharing his experience he manages to create in a natural way the thread of light that connects souls in a large community.


Mother Parvati Rafharani. Member of the Vrinda Mission. Direct disciple from Paramadveti swami Maharaja. Teacher of Bhakty Yoga and Yoga INBOUND. Specialized in Oida Therapy (Perennial psychology), Holistic Therapist of Ancestral Medicines. With more than 20 years of experience. Appointed Rigbith Gurú on June 30, 2018. She arrived in Central America in 2006 to found the Vrinda Mission by order of her Master to do the service of love for humanity from Guatemala City, creating programs as a conscious woman where psychological and personal and human growth support is given. Golden Years, where the work is directly with the older. Adult yoga therapies, physical therapies and psychological help. And Utsaha, where you work with young people, the entire population of limited economic resources. Also pioneer of the project "The spoon revolution" in which they are made campaigns in cultural centers and Universities of conscience, against the animal abuse and the conscious consumption in Guatemala. And later she iniciates  the World Conscious Pact, in begins Guatemala in which it tries to make ecological conscience and eco conscious campaigns. In the year 2016 she begins the United Nations of the Spirit project, where, through the University for Ancestral Wisdom, enhance the beautiful Mayan culture for a greater local cultural identity and primarily for the preservation of culture and care for those who profess it. Inspired by the work of her Excelsior Master who is the mentor guide and inspiration of this humble servant.


Musician instrumentalist and Composer with specialty in Music Therapy.

Although from the 8 years I began my trip with the music, it was 20 years ago that it became a constant discipline, until today. I started in the world of rhythms when I turned the drums and percussion instruments into my vocation and profession. After studied Composition in Mexico I gained greater awareness when I started to understand the importance of music theory and experiment with other harmonic and melodic instruments.

When I incorporated the piano into my practices I realized how I acceded to an emotional plane that was not accessible through rhythmic instruments (and vice versa). I understood through studies the way in which a composer uses theoretical knowledge to awaken specific feelings and emotions in the viewer. I was interested from that moment in studying the relationship of music with emotions and moods in the audience. I studied graduates and composition workshops for films and documentaries, understanding more and more the great reach that music has in the stimuli to the human being.

I understood that music is much more powerful than I thought, since it goes beyond being an aesthetic art, and as a musician I felt a certain responsibility. I began more than 10 years ago to study the therapeutic effects of music and the different ways in which music has been used for welfare purposes for thousands of years nowadays in rehabilitation clinics. I studied a Music Therapy course and I did internships in Mexico.

I founded the Trisbaya Project 2 years ago, with the aim of instructing society on the therapeutic effects of music. This is achieved through constant research work and the composition of themes or musical sessions with specific objectives such as reducing levels of anxiety and stress, among others.


Multidisciplinary artist started in 1999 with dance with fire and glow-sticks. In nightclubs. In 2000 graffiti and eventually some murals and canvases, quite linked to the HIP HOP scene in Nicaragua. To enter so much and study hip hop culture (composed of 4 elements: b boy, mc, dj, writer), I understood the need to complement myself as an artist in different areas or disciplines. Over time I have been experimenting and learning more and more from different disciplines and that has led me to transmit the art that I hope to achieve that I feel closest to my feelings, but from their experiences.
With presence in festivals such as Urbanica (creation and coordination of artists), Magma fest, Danza fest, Full Moon Nicaragua, among others. With presentations of dance with fire and leds of images, live painting, fire signs, decoration and stage designer, among other things.


My name is Alba Josefina Limatuj Ixcot I was born in the beautiful land of Xelajuj No'j (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala. I grew up in a home of Mayan K'iche indigenous parents, always having as base of life "The Mayan Spirituality". I received the path and dialogue with the Mayan grandparents 15 years ago, during this time have filled me with good energy and have strengthened my path. I have helped many children, young people, adults and the elderly, seeking to strengthen their energy. One of my purposes is to find the balance between cosmic energies, our mother nature and us as people with positive energies doing it through dialogue with grandparents when lighting candles and pom.


Yoga Practitioner and Facilitator of the Spiritual practice of Atma Sadhana

"Within the Spiritual journey you understand that suffering becomes something that has been given to you to show you where your mind is still stuck. It's a vehicle to help you go to work. That's why it's call Grace" - Ram Dass

Born under the lunar sign of Leo, second daughter of a couple of 3 children, I was a girl lover of books, solitude and perfection, I always thought that I had the responsibility of helping my family to move forward, which is why I took to acquire great responsibilities at an early age such as the management of my parents' company for at least 10 years.

Throughout my childhood and the first years of my adulthood I struggled strongly with my ego, developed a very bad relationship with my parents and siblings, my friends, my partner and even with God, causing a state of almost permanent suffering.

At the age of 24, I decided to have a child and even though I lived a complicated pregnancy, that event was the beginning of my new self.

After becoming a mother and experiencing what true unconditional love means, I decided to change my life completely and to embark on the path in the pursuit of Happiness (then I realized that the best state is not Happiness, but the permanent contentment "Santosha"), so I discovered Yoga, word that until 8 years ago I never heard before.

As a passionate and determined "Leo" I have spent the last 8 years exploring the spiritual path, developing and growing in my personal practice, studying the sacred texts, praying, loving and facilitating with humility and compassion the practice of the Yoga of Life that It also involves stretching the body but especially the mind and the heart.

In this path I discovered that I am loving awareness and even when it seems difficult, I realized that it is possible to love everyone, honoring the Light in others as in oneself.

With me you will learn about how to star and grow in your personal practice from surrendering to the will of the Divine Master who lives within you, exploring the body with a focus in breathing techniques, conscious movement and meditation.

Certified 200 hrs Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Healer and Marketing Specialist, I love to chant, pray, dance, read and travel, always ready to learn about new things and happy to meet new people.

Find me at the Om Little Corn Festival, join me in my classes and workshops and let's build beautiful memories together.

Photo Credit - Bram van Roy

Om Radhe Shyam! Namaste


My name is Bianca Sandoval of Nicaraguan origin by God's grace. I grew up in a family with spiritual values ​​and over the years I have acquired various knowledge for the service of humanity, managing to perform in social tasks. At the therapeutic level he made YIN SHIN DO (path of the compassionate spirit) a physical, mental and spiritual therapy with a healing purpose. Shalom shalom


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