You can support the festival by getting your ticket with the flight option at the Tickets section of this web site. La Costena, that is the national airlines from Nicaragua, will sponsor the artists for the event, if you get your flight tickets with us, for the trip to the festival, This is awesome news!, go ahead and support us with it!!

We'll, really appreciate your collaboration






We have spaces available for rent on the festival for any person or company that would like to be part of this event, we’ll be very happy to gather as much loving products and ideas to the island!!

Vegetarian and healthy Food

Natural Drinks

Natural and hand made Clothing

Natural Products

Please send us an email and let us know what you would like to sell and promote!! We are very happy to have you with us!

Contributions Welcome!

If you would like to extra-collaborate for this event, we would be extra-happy for it, let's make this first festival even more spectacular! Thank you very much for your contribution.

Special Thanks

We specially want to thank all the people that made this event possible:

Damodar Priya (Anna Plana) Mother of the festival

Mother Kundesvary, for her spiritual support, UDSA Premacultura Ecuador <>

Roberto Brennes, business coach,

Nick Petticrew, website coaching,

John Morgan, drone footage,

Dwayne Vincent, underwater images,

Solange Leclair, helping to refine the logo:)

David Dulout, helping in the linguistic part of the  web

Rudy Quiros, editor and videografer,

Jose Cesar , graphic designer

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